Posted by: krnloop | January 3, 2008

Tim’s first kiss


“When was your first kiss and who was she?” asked DJ Chae Hwa Jeong to Tim when he guested last December 28 in SBS “Chae Hwa Jeong’s Power Time.”

Tim hesitated at first but eventually spilled the beans by saying, “I had my first kiss during my 3rd year in high school with my Italian girlfriend, who was already in her senior year.”

“She sang in the choir and whenever her practice ended, I usually picked her up. One time, we spent some time inside the car and when she was about to leave, we hugged and our cheeks touched, which created an awkward atmosphere. Then we faced each other and that’s when I experienced my first kiss, just like in the movies,” Tim recounted.

Source: Joynews24



  1. woa.. italian! hahaha interesting.. ^^

  2. wow, Tim like europan jokes
    but damn his first kiss as a junior in H.S what a late bloomer.
    I had my first kiss when I was still in elementary I was young and stuff like that….gosh..

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