Posted by: krnloop | January 2, 2008

“MTV Wonder Girls Season 3”


Wonder Girls is leaving for the US to film the “MTV Wonder Girls Season 3.”

Wonder Girls is planned to experience the art, music and fashion in San Francisco and New York, where the group will also film its music video for “Wishing on a Star.”

Season 1, “MTV Wonder Girls,” showed how the members of the group were picked while “MTV Wonder Girls Season 2 : The Simple Life” revealed how the members of the group coped with their daily lives.

“MTV Wonder Girls Season 3” is planned to be broadcast in March.

Source: Newsen



  1. Whoa, I live in San Francisco. Crazy! o.o

  2. it’s not a big deal,,,, 2ne1 song is more famous here in New York than wondergirls had…
    Everybody here loves 2ne1… we play their songs all the time.

  3. Wondergirls are LOSERS!!!!
    They’re all uglt…hahaha!
    Yeah, 2ne1 is really the best!

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