Posted by: krnloop | January 2, 2008

BIG BANG on top for 5 consecutive weeks


BIG BANG’s “Last Farewell” is still the reigning number 1 song in the JukeOn chart. The group has maintained the top position for 5 weeks now, starting from the last week of November.

SG Wanna Be’s “First Snow” currently ranks 2nd and is followed by Wonder Girls’ “This Fool.” Browneyed Girls’ “This Winter” is also gaining popularity, presently at number 7.

Source: Joynews24



  1. woa ~~~ congrats to BB~

  2. Ey, can you please edit the post you made in your blog. I typed it wrong. It’s supposed to be November and not December. I was typing so fast I didn;t notice it. Thanks!

    Oh, and also on the SG Wanna Be and See Ya post, I edited it. The two are just going into their 2nd year and not exactly dating for 2 years now. Thanks!!

  3. ahaha.. really? its alr.. thankies for the note too.. ^^

  4. bigbang bol oo nice kiss me

  5. pc

  6. ses trop coul

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