Posted by: krnloop | December 30, 2007

Shinhwa, complete on Korean stage


Shinhwa, who recently held concerts in China and Japan, has come back complete at the year-end music program of SBS, after one year and six months.

Last night, Shinhwa fans rejoiced for once again, they laid eyes on a complete Shinhwa singing its hit songs “Brand New,” “T.O.P,” and “Your Man,” which were specifically requested by SBS.

Shinhwa will also be present in today’s KBS “Music Festival.”

Sources: Starnews + Newsen



  1. o-o I only know of… one Shinhwa song, but I’m glad that fans get to see them all back together. :3 The YG perf was great too. *_* It’s also been a long while since YG Family performed on t.v. I also enjoyed the interesting collabs/covers and all.

    Is this called SBS Music Festival or SBS Music Awards (because I keep see this title more often, even though they didn’t hand out any awards o_o; )?

    ;x Thanks in advance.

  2. Daejeon is literally translated as “war” and I actually used that in my post on the sexy dance battle. But then I saw in old news articles that it’s called the “SBS Music Awards.”

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