Posted by: krnloop | December 30, 2007

Koreans were first to see the “HOW GEE” MV


BIG BANG, who will officially make a Japanese debut on January 4, 2008, opened to the public its “HOW GEE” music video during the its concert last December 29 in one of the gymnasiums at the Seoul Olympic Park.

“HOW GEE,” which is included in the hip hop group’s mini album “For The World,” has a sampling of the 90s hit song “Black Machine.” The mini album will also be released in Korea on January 4.

“Though ‘HOW GEE’ is not going to be out in South Korea, we wanted to first show this music video to you guys who love us,” BIG BANG said.

Source: Chosun



  1. wow..great and lucky..i manage to see the preview and i think its great mv like always..another great masterpiece from Big Bang..cant wait to see the whole movie

  2. i saw the preview.. and it was really tempting and exciting.. can’t wait for the full MV…

    and also, happy new year.. ^^

  3. awww i wanna see it!
    i can’t wait for the full one

    thanx for the share happy new year!

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