Posted by: krnloop | December 29, 2007

Sohee, straight out of a comic strip?


Wonder Girls Sohee seems to be destined to star in the movie “Some Like it Hot” because in the original comic “10, 20 and 30,” where the movie was based, the character image amazingly resembles her.

Actually, Sohee’s resemblance to the character was the reason why she was selected for the movie. According to the production company in charge of the movie, when Sohee was selected, Wonder Girls still was not that popular but was already known so being in the girl group was not necessarily the reason for her getting the role. A lot of new faces also auditioned but Sohee was selected because she was closest to the original character.

“Some Like it Hot” opens in theaters on January 17, 2008.

Source: Starnews



  1. lol u r right. So Hee does look like the character in the comic. It’s sensible for the production company to select someone who looks almost or exactly like the character. Can’t wait to see the movie! So Hee FIGHTING!!!!

  2. omg i love you, your awesome i love you the most in wondergirls

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