Posted by: krnloop | December 28, 2007

“Music Bank” year-end show

The year-end show of KBS “Music Bank” was finally aired at 6 pm today!


During the 90-minute show, the ballad divas Yangpa, Baek Ji Young and Lee Soo Young sang their hit songs “Marry Me,” “Why There Are So Many Tears,” and “I Don’t Understand Men,” respectively. After which, all three of them sang Lee Soo Young’s “Short Hair,” followed by Baek Ji Young’s “One Love is Enough” then Yangpa’s “What is Love.”


BIG BANG and Wonder Girls did a special stage and sang their hit songs “Lie” and “Tell Me.”


Wonder Girls, who also performed its songs “Irony” and “This Fool,” bagged three awards in today’s “Music Bank” episode. They ranked first in the “2007 Song Best 50” for “Tell Me,” “Best Special Stage,” and “Best New Singer.” For the “Best Special Stage” award, Brian and SS501 ranked 2nd and FT Island and Lee Seung Gi placed 3rd.

Source: Newsen


  1. hehhe.. thankies for this updates… ^^

    ahah love those special stages… ^^

  2. oh.. anyway, can i have ask a favour from you? can u help me do a translation of an article? 😀

  3. sookyung, ok, I’ll help you.

  4. thankies loads.. (i dunno even how to address u, i don think i can call u krnloop right? hahaha)

    there is this battle article for my friend..

    here’s the link:

    thankies loads again..

  5. The post is just about Battle’s 1st anniversary. He said that it’s been a long time since he last wrote. He said that they’re in China and last December 15, they went to Shinhwa’s concert. Taehwa also mentioned about fans getting jealous, worried that they’re in China. Then he said that he was glad that they were able to interact with their Chinese fans.
    He mentioned that they scheduled the writings and fortunately, he was the first to write to the fans.
    He also said about Korean fans waiting for them for approximately a month. (aaww… long wait)
    The last part says something like “This has been Taehwa/have to go, thank you. oh, and there’s a picture in the Battle Cafe.

  6. yeah i watched the special stage between VIP and Wonderful..did great as usual..think Sohee looks really cute in that performance..

    thanks for sharing..:P

  7. omg.. thankies loads! haha.. and i still dunno how to address u :p

  8. Just call me “Loop.” haha!!

  9. ow i missed it and i hate it…i watch music bank at KBSW on sat 3.00 there any repeat show?please…and can anyone help me give an url for the easiest web to donwload korean song….kamsahmnida…

  10. loop…i would like to get to know about j-walk,baek jeong…and i keep searching for it but most of them not in romanized so i cudnot understand much…anyway…i’m fr malaysia…and a big fan of music bank….

  11. Don;’t worry, this hasn’t been broadcast yet outside Korea, I think. Add two weeks (?) to December 28.

  12. ow really…two weeks from 28/12 means most probably on 12 Jan 08..i will wait for it..tx 4 ur info loop..r u korean?

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