Posted by: krnloop | December 28, 2007

Koreans want to spend New Year with…


“Which female singer do you want to be with on New Year?”

A poll with that question was held in JukeOn ( from December 20 to 26 and out of the 4,677 voters, 1,303 (27.9%) picked Wonder Girls member Sohee.

In 2nd place was Younha with 1,230 votes (26.3%), who Netizens wanted to hear her sing while watching the rising sun. Younha was followed by See Ya’s Nam Gyu Ri with 891 votes (19%), Girls’ Generation’s Yoona with 706 votes (15.1%) and BoA with 547 votes (11.7%).

Source: Newsen



  1. Isn’t it supposed to be Girls’ Generation’s Yoona? That is what she is called I think.

  2. Thanks!! I thought there was an “H” in her name. Got cross-eyed. ha! 윤아 vs. 윤하

  3. Wonder girls is getting more recognition nowadays..cheers to them..

  4. Who doesn’t love Sohee?
    (as long as you don’t make her sing a hook on the date)

    haha jk
    still much love for my 동갚 (sorry if I skewered the spelling, I’m from the states)

  5. yonna should win ^^

  6. too bad sohee won.

    love sohee much much

  7. Sohee can’t sing or dance and she has a really bad attitude who would want to spend their new year with her?!It’ll just ruin your new year.

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