Posted by: krnloop | December 23, 2007

Wonder Girls auction date bid was not a lie!

wonder-girls-auction-date.jpg cleared that the bid for the auction date with Wonder Girls was not a lie.

Flashback, the auction started on November 29 and was closed on December 3 at 11:30 am. The highest bid amount was 5.5 million won. However, the actual successful bid was only 400,000 won.

“It is true that the highest bid amount was 5.5 million won but the bidder refused to pay the amount. That is why we contacted other people who participated in the auction and they ended up getting the slots to dine with the female group,” revealed Auction.

Source: Starnews


  1. just wondering why ur blog has soo much great kpop updates but not alot of people commented… so i shall comment ^^

    love those updates on ur blog.. thankies for sharing all those news.. ^^

    and anyway, lol, about this WG incident – i thought that those fan-boys/fan-uncles aren’t as rich and willing to spend as we are made them out to be.. how disappointed actually.. haha

  2. Ey!!! I’m glad you’ve become one of krnloop’s regular visitor! um, maybe because this place is still new that’s why there rarely are comments.

    Yeah, quite disappointing that this happened. Don’t join the auction if you’re not sticking by your bid.

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