Posted by: krnloop | December 22, 2007

“Marine Boy” gets special treatment from BIG BANG


BIG BANG gave “Marine Boy” Park Tae Hwan a ticket to its concert, scheduled from December 28-30 at the Seoul Olympic Fencing Gymnasium.

According to YG Entertainment, it knows that Park is a BIG BANG fan and since he is leaving Korea for Australia on the 29th for his training for the Beijing Olympics, YG invited him to BIG BANG’s concert to encourage the athlete in his training.

“Park Tae Hwan listens to the group’s songs while on the go and even has BIG BANG’s song as the background music of his mini-homepage. If watching the concert will encourage Park in his training, then it’ll be great,” expressed by someone from Park’s side.

Source: Yonhap



  1. Thanks for translating all of this news! I’ve only just found your site and I think this will be a place I will visit often. It’s so rare to find a site that properly translates Korean articles. Very legit. Thanks again.^^ And especially Big Bang news..haha. I thought it was very nice of them to give the ticket to the Marine Boy. Hope he has fun and does well overseas.^^

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