Posted by: krnloop | December 19, 2007

Young singers vote for the first time


It is the 17th Presidential Election today and young stars like 19-year old Younha did their obligations and went to their respective voting precincts and casted their votes for the first time.

“I thought that I have indeed grown-up,” Younha expressed after voting for the first time.

Wonder Girls member Yoobin also voted for the first time. Other members of Wonder Girls are not yet of age so they were not able to vote. Yoobin, aside from feeling grown-up, felt an important role for she had it in her hands on who will become the next president of South Korea.


Despite their busy schedule, TVXQ members except Hero, who was not able to return to Choongnam, his place of residence, were also able to vote in the morning. Max voted in a precinct in Seoul Jamsil while Micky, Xiah and U-Know voted in a precinct in Seoul Cheongdam.

Source: Starnews


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