Posted by: krnloop | December 19, 2007

Election posters parody


“Entertainment-style” presidential posters made by a Netizen have been rapidly spreading in Internet sites as a parody for the 17th Presidential election. The posters, like usual election posters, have a picture of the “candidate,” political party name and the candidate’s slogan.

Shown in the posters are Kim Tae Hee, who is the first candidate and belongs to the “Pretty Face Political Party,” Han Ga In, who belongs to “For Married Woman’s Country Party,” Han Ye Seul, who belongs to the “Democartic Ye Seul Party,” Younha, who belongs to “South Korea-Japan Exchange Party,” Sun Ye of Wonder Girls, who belongs to “Wonder Party,” and Lee Hyo Ri, who belongs to the “South Korean Sexy Party.”

The slogans also are eye-catching. Han Ga In’s has “A Country Where Housewives Live Easily,” Hyo Lee’s has “Sexy World,” and Kim Ok Bin reads “Perfect Face Politics.”

Now, who wants to vote?

Source: Chosun



  1. lol interesting~ Hmm.. That reminds me, I wonder if the MTV “President” has been chosen yet. o-o;

  2. Funny you mentioned it because I just posted a news about it. haha!

  3. Of course..
    I vote for Han Ga In …

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