Posted by: krnloop | December 17, 2007

Rain failed to enter the US market


According to “Asia Sounds” President Colleen Zulian, Rain failed to enter the US market but his company can make it happen for other aspiring singers. This man actually went to Korea on December 14 to make known his artist project “SUTASI,” which aims to find the best Asian singer that can break into the US music market.

So why does this man think Rain failed?

“It’s because his music and style looks like Justin Timberlake’s. It’s not good to do it like that. To enter the US market, one should be unique.

“It’s necessary for one to keep on knocking on US market’s door. There are a lot of potential talents in Asia,” Colleen Zulian continued.

“SUTASI” will be recruiting applicants through the Internet until February 2008. Then from March, a preliminary selection will happen and those who will pass this will compete again with other finalists in October.

Source: Newsis


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