Posted by: krnloop | December 14, 2007

Yoon Eun Hye in a coffee commercial


Yoon Eun Hye re-enacted the same kissing scene she had with Gong Yoo in the drama “Coffee Prince” in a coffee commercial. Unlike her role in the drama, Yoon did not have to disguise herself as a man but filmed the commercial as a lady.

According to an advertising planner, women in their twenties could relate to Yoon Eun Hye that is why she was picked as the talent in the commercial.

Yoon had to shoot a fake kissing scene with a male model in a cafe in Seoul, which caught a lot of bystanders although it was shot at night.

The coffee commercial will be broadcast on the 18th.

Source: K-Plaza



  1. marry me SOONER the BETTER!!


  2. coffee prince

  3. wait me until i am 24 years old…

  4. i really like the way you act im kaye from philippines 16 years old a girl.. how i wish someday i will meet you!!!

  5. yOu arE loVely PRinCess of My Life…..

  6. i lUv cOffE PrInCe mImAtZ

  7. youre so cute! ! !

  8. perfect combination of GONG YOO &YOON EUN HYE. . .

  9. i like you

  10. Love Coffee Prince so much, so addict

  11. i am the one of your fan
    do you have a friendster

  12. andy cute mo

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  14. I’m waiting on you

  15. i’m very very like this drama ……………………..

  16. I love korean girl

  17. YESS

  18. i luv u cofee prince n yoon eun hye, dont forget meeeee…

  19. nice storyline…im eun -chanistic hahaha

  20. seni çook seviyorum çoookkkkkkk

  21. I love you (seni çok seviyorum)
    I want to see her,please

  22. cofee prince…………..
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    i’m very very like this drama..^_^

  23. eun chan i love u

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  25. Eun hye.. why u so cute…..?

    I really (really) like u..I watch coffee prince 4 times in 3 are really cute ..I love u Eun hye.

  26. yoon eun hye your my very very idol.i like the movie of coffee prince.your so cute

  27. yoon eun hye i love you very much

  28. very cute,,
    nice hair cute she is?

  29. […] image from here; Second […]

  30. i’m not going to tell that i love you like others but just want to share something with you. actually, i started watching coffee prince when my friends introduced it to me about a few week ago. at that time, i thought the drama was so bored because i never interested to watch any drama about love before. i begun to watch the 6th episode. then, i started to watch the drama from the beginning.interestingly, i became more intersted to watch the drama. after i finished watch all the episode, then, i realized something that i never fell before. the real thuing that i forgot in my life. shortly, the drama is quite same what had happened to me before(^_^). at that time, i’m quite confused what the drama all about. until now i still have the same felling as what i felt before. with that, i really want to say thank you because you had brought my last memories back to my life. thanks a lot..i hope you will success in your know what, i really wish i could get to know you more..but i know i will never have that oppurtinity. you are an actor but i’m just a student. how can an actor like you will have a conversation or chat with a student like me..hehehe, anyway, have a good day..thanks for reading my comment(-_^)..good luck COFFEE PRINCE..and you to Go Eun Chan/Yoon Eun Hye….

  31. 나는 세부사항 더를 위해 당신을 아 좋은가?
    나는 당신에게 연락해서 좋은가?
    다만 잠시 동안.

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