Posted by: krnloop | December 4, 2007

Rivalry war


It was in 2003 when Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk’s rivalry had a real clash. Although both were active in the music industry during the 1990s, there was no “real rivalry” for Yang was in the group category while Park was active as a solo singer but roles changed and both became music producers. As producers, the “real rivalry” began.

In 2003, Yang Hyun Suk’s Se7en debuted while Park Jin Young’s Rain came out a year earlier. Later on, the two became Korea’s top male dance singers as Yoo Seung Jun disappeared from the scene.

Based on analysis at that time, Rain was the dancer and Se7en was the one who got a little advantage with album sales. Rain got the older fans while Se7en charmed the younger generation. But the rivalry “collapsed” when Rain became Jung Ji Hoon.

Rain, known as Jung Ji Hoon when he is an actor, rose as an Asian star and slowly as a world star when he did “Full House.” However, Se7en eventually ventured into acting, which somehow made them on equal footing. It is still to early to know who wins between Rain and Se7en, however, based from the two singers’ stardom it seems that Park Jin Young gains a point in the first rivalry war.

Then, the second rivalry war broke! Yang Hyun Suk came back with BIG BANG while Park Jin Young had Wonder Girls, which made the two be dubbed as “super producers.”

During the first rivalry war, they fought with male singers but this time, it was Park and Yang’s young groups that clashed. BIG BANG’s “Lie” and Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” are undoubtedly popular songs and have become the representative songs of 2007.

The second rivalry war was gladly greeted for it sparked a good vibration in the depressed music industry.

Who wins this time around? It is still unknown for Park and Yang’s war has still not ended.

Source: Osen



  1. wow
    i think i’ll go for YG cuz i respect him and i mostly like music from YG family.
    i’m not really a fond of JYP cuz i don’t really like their music. and most of there music isn’t my type.

  2. well i love rain and wonder girls but i also love big bang.
    i dont really know much about se7en.
    so i’ll go for JYPfamily

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