Posted by: krnloop | November 28, 2007

Wheesung’s vocal cord problem


Wheesung revealed during the first stopover of his “2007 WHEESHOW” concert at the Daegu Exhibition Convention Center (EXCO) last November 24-25 that he is seriously considering having a vocal cord operation in January 2008.

“Park Hwayobi had surgery (last August) and her voice sounded like in her 1st album and Fly to the Sky’s Hwanhee too had an operation and his condition got better,” he reasoned.

On the day of the concert, Wheesung was actually not feeling good and had to take medicines but like a true singer, he performed with everything he has and sang wonderful ad libs and high-pitched notes.

The concert hall was filled with his hit songs like “Love is Delicious♡,” “Even If You Get Hurt,” “With Me,” “Is it Not Possible,” and “Incurable Disease.”

The “2007 WHEESHOW” will continue its tour in Daegu on December 1-2, at the Choongnam University Jeongshimhwa Hall and on December 8-9, at the KBS Hall in Busan.

Source: Yonhap


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