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Excerpts from BIG BANG’s Daum Telzone 7 Questions and 7 Answers


Q: For you, what is the difference between acting and singing? Which is easier?

TOP: Both are not easy but I think being on stage suits me better. I’m still not experienced in acting and I want to learn more.

Q: Do you feel bad that G-dragon is the leader of the group although you’re the eldest?

TOP: Not even once did I feel bad about it. G-dragon is the leader and it is easier to be a friend while quietly watching my younger brothers.

Q: You take off your shades during your solo part in the group’s ‘Lie’ performances. Who’s idea was it? Was it yours?

TOP: I thought about it on our first performance and it continued from then on. The “finger choreography” was also my idea.


Q: Have you been angry with your hyungs? When you got angry, what was their reaction?

Seungri: There was a clash between opinions during the release of our first mini album. I strongly insisted “I want to do it like this…” It was a strong appeal than my usual self. Then they panicked and asked “Why are you like that..” When I thought about it later, I apologized and admitted that I made a mistake. I told them that I just want to do better.

Q: Before you go to sleep, what do you think about?

Seungri: I review a lot of what I do on stage, like choreography, gestures and expressions. I think a lot before going to sleep. I think of what should be my facial expressions during my part in performances. My head is filled with such ideas.



Q: What’s the most ideal environment for you when producing songs?

G-dragon: The place should be clean and tidy, I work alone. The lighting is a bit dark. I can’t work when it’s in the morning so I usually do stuffs at night.

Q: Who would you save first if the members fall into water?

G-dragon: Daesung. Daesung can’t swim. I can swim a bit.



Q: When you guys won during the MKMF, you weren’t able to talk and just cried. Could you tell why you cried?

Daesung: I was so glad when we got the award because we didn’t expect it. This is not the end and I want to reach higher. I have no idea why I cried. When I started singing, my parents were so against it. I thought a lot about my parents and I just cried…

Q: What do you think is your charm? I think the insect on your neck is nice…

Daesung: Ha Ha, insect on my neck. The insect on my neck is a mole. I have lots of moles on my body. My charm, I really don’t know. I’m shy…



Q: What’s your feeling being able to work with Kim Jo Han?

Taeyang: Kim Jo Han is already an established R&B singer and I’m happy that I was able to work with him. I learned a lot from the experience.

Q: What’s your secret that your hat doesn’t fall even though it’s placed lopsidedly?

Taeyang: Actually, it often falls. When I dance, I check on which angle it doesn’t fall and then I maintain that angle.

Q: You started as a rapper. Though now you’re more into vocals, do you regret not being able to rap?

Taeyang: When I was young, I had a dream to become a rapper. However, it was not like ” I’ll be sure to become a rapper.” There is no regret but I would like to rap in my solo album. If given a chance, I’d like to continue rapping.

Q: What’s usually inside your bag?

Taeyang: I always have my i-pod, bible, wordbook for studying English and because of our busy schedule, I also bring hongsam (red ginseng) capsules to recover from fatigue.


Source: Daum


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